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For the purposes of this very astute and in-depth think piece (I got jokes) on why I think writers are drawn to writing in coffee shops, I’ll have to identify as a writer. Which feels presumptuous. But since this isn’t a research paper or article for a proper publication, I can only speak from personal experience.

I write this article from the comfiest spot in Bloomsbury Coffee House, a little basement shop near the British Library. The street it’s on feels very trendy, and the coffee is actually great, despite having not have a great cup of coffee since coming to England (sorry Pret, but yikes that’s a dreadful brew). I find myself looking for places to linger with my laptop, and this one happened to be listed in an article about the best places for writers in London. I wish I could find the article now to link, but I’ve lost it. 

The place is quaint with and pretty with powder blue walls and windows to let the sunlight in. And today, London has graced us with the sun! Though I do find myself feeling most inspired with the gray gloom this city usually has to offer. Independent stores are inherently more attractive to writers, and most people in general, maybe because of the ambiance, maybe because of the better coffee and cakes, and maybe because it makes us sound cooler when we talk about them. And take pictures of pretty cappuccinos for Snapchat (guilty). But I’m not one to make assumptions about the indie-coffee shop goer. 

There is something good about being surrounded by people also on their laptops, typing away or people chatting over lunch and tea. Even if I have my music plugged in, seeing other people living and interacting helps motivate me to get typing. Eavesdropping on chatter is good for the writer; observing and interpreting with or without context can be really helpful to stimulate creativity. And having a nice coffee or tea to sip on as I write is always nice. All of these things about writing in a coffee shop are great, but they’re not the reasons I really like it.

Writing outside of my home is the best possible thing I can do for my writing. Getting out of the house makes me feel more motivated than anything else. I am prone to lazy days and staying in my pajamas until 3pm. And pajamas=no work. So out to the coffee shops I go. In theory, I could write anywhere outside of my house, but something about the aesthetic of the coffee shop, it’s movie/book-esque vibe is what keeps be trying new places and writing on.