The Bishopsgate Library. Image credit here.

Dear Public Libraries (specifically the public library in The Bishopsgate Institute, where I currently sit),

Thank you for being free. Thank you for having free wifi. Thank you for letting me sit here for hours on end sitting on my laptop and trying and (sometimes) succeeding to finish my schoolwork. Thank you for being quiet!

Except for you, British Library, you do not get a thank you for being quiet because your patrons are very loud. Though maybe it’s not your fault. You are quiet massive. And yet, I always have trouble finding a place to sit and work every time I try to go.

Anyway, British Library bashing aside, thank you public libraries, for your underused tomes and endless supply of words. Thank you for still standing in the digital age and thank you for smelling like comfort and musty pages. Thank you for inspiring me to write even when nothing seems to work. Thank you  for long wooden tables and even for the creaky old chairs I have to torture my tailbone on.

To Bishopsgate, personally, thank you for being a hidden gem of tranquility in a loud, loud city in a loud, bustling area. I could drop a pin on your floor and I think everyone would hear it. I needed you. And you should be honored, because it’s 13 degrees outside and the sun is brightly shining over a seldom sunny London, and I chose to be with you instead.

From a frazzled uni student/writer/maniac, thank you public libraries, for being a little bit of peace.