An assignment on details.

Paddington Street Gardens is a hidden spot in London, tucked away behind residence buildings and Marylebone High Street. It was quieter than Baker Street, a neighboring road packed to the brim with tourists and workers and students. Paddington Street Gardens felt like a breath of fresh air in a London that felt like it never stopped during the day. And the gardens during the day, a nice spring day, was like a pat on the shoulder Victor needed.

The pleasantness of finding the gardens came about when Victor was sent for a seminar by his job that happened to be in a surrounding building. Two months later, Victor came there often to sit and sometimes shop on Sundays when the farmer’s market came around right next to it. He sat there on a Friday afternoon, having left work early because he could no longer stand the sound of his keyboard. Or anyone else’s.

He much preferred the chatter of passing by people on their way to Marylebone High Street, or the children laughing with their fathers and mothers on the playground. The air was brisk, leaving a pink tinge on Victor’s pale cheeks. The sun was out, the good, good sun in all of it’s hidden glory. It greeted the grass of Paddington Street Gardens with a warm ‘Hello, I haven’t seen you in quite a while. I’ve missed you. It seems like you’ve missed me.” The vibrant flowers in shades of pink, purple, and yellow bloomed despite the wintery chill of London’s winter coming to an end. Their colors unfolded and sprung from their green stems, shooting into the blue sky to make a rainbow before Victor’s eyes. Or so he imagined in his painted world.

He felt the wood of the bench he was sitting on, newer than he’d like but comfortable enough to where it invited the stroller to have a sit with their tea and read a chapter or two of their book. A young woman with a coffee and a shopping bag walked by Victor, leaving a faint scent of cappuccino in her path. He admired the way her short hair bounced as she rushed along, until a man in a newsboy cap overpowered her with his stinking, musky cologne.