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A dialogue based upon some eavesdropping at Ridley Road Market

Based on the prompt: 2. People having an argument.

“Let’s get two bunches of bananas. We eat lots of bananas,” Lainey suggested, examining the bananas on the table in piles and piles. They were 49p a pound. She looked around for a scale.

“One is fine, Lainey.” Robert stuck his hand in his pocket and flipped the tenner around in between his fingers for a moment. They couldn’t afford two bunches of bananas. He thought one was useless. But Lainey loved bananas.

“But I really think we should get two. I really like them and they look ripe today,” she persisted, standing her ground and giving Robert a tight-lipped smile.

Robert stepped a little closer to Lainey, the man behind the table to bananas suddenly turning away to tend to the cash box. “We don’t have enough money, Laine,” he insisted, hoping that upon hearing her nickname she would soften up.

“C’mon, Robbie,” she countered, batting her wispy eyelashes and placing a delicate, bony hand  on Robert’s chest, “I really want them. Think of the banana bread.”

“We don’t have–”

“I’m getting the extra bananas.” She stared at him in an unnerving way.

“Damn it, Lainey! We can’t afford the extra bananas! We can’t live off of goddamn banana bread and milk for the rest of the month,” Robert fumed, his voice making a few passing people jump just a little. Lainey was unflinching and the man behind the bananas kept his back turned, looking and looking for any other customer to help.

“Maybe if you got another job like I told you you should we could buy extra bananas. And maybe even a jar of jam! What luxury,” Lainey began, crossing her arms over her chest, “if you would just stop being so lazy.”

“What the hell, Lainey. What the hell,” Robert clipped back, his shoulders curling in towards his body and making him look small. “You know I’ve been trying, don’t make this about me. You’re so frivolous with our money–you like to pretend we belong with the likes of the elites in Kensington. Well guess what! That’s never going to be us. We’re never going to be two bunches of bananas people, and I don’t know why you can’t just fucking deal with it like I do!”

Lainey’s teeth were clenched tight as her eyes started to water. She reached into her purse and pulled out a 1 pound coin and reached over the bananas to tap the man behind them on the shoulder. “I’ll have one bunch of bananas please.”