At first read over the lyrics of “Inglan is a Bitch” by Linton Kwesi Johnson, it was hard to understand some of the words that were written. I decided it was best to find the song and listen to it, which helped me learn about the song a little more and examine what it meant a little better. While Johnson sings with a heavy accent, hearing him sing the lyrics instead of me just passively reading them brings context to them and more feeling and meaning. The monotonous tone of the way he sing-speaks the lyrics lends to the tiring message of the song. It brings about a certain layer that wouldn’t be evident by just reading through the lyrics. It’s also important to know that the song is reggae, a popular genre of music that originated in the Caribbean. Many Carribean immigrants live in England due to colonization, and using the genre of music to lament about England’s hardships is a way of reclaiming a culture that was dominated by Great Britain when they were an extreme imperial power. I really enjoyed the song and found that it was even more effective for the lyrics to be written in the dialect of Johnson.