Some creative writing exercises based around the Cliffs of Moher from class.

Huge, towering cliffs in rows, stone fences in layered slabs that do an awful job at keeping people from jumping them. The grass is patchy on the edges of the cliffs, and the dirt, stoney path is light and dry in the unusually bright and warm sun. People can’t stop talking about how lucky they are to have experience this grand gift of nature on such an amazing day. It always rains on the west coast of Ireland, but no, not today. The sun has blessed us today. The ocean crashes against the base of the cliffs and echoes to the people standing on them. The wind is nearly there, slightly blowing hair back and making bugs scramble. There are crowds of people from all over the world speaking different language, asking strangers to take photos. They are posing on the edges of their deaths for photos to post on instagram and facebook. They are kneeling for photos and some are just standing. Simply standing and staring and clenching their fists because they’re too close to the edge. But they don’t bother to move back.

The Cliffs of Moher, the west coast of Ireland. Two young friends arrive in the early morning and are slowing walking up the cliffs on the footpath, getting higher and higher by the minute. Not too many people are around due to the early morning, and the cliffs feel almost deserted. The wind is whipping hard and the sky is mostly clear. Character A has a camera around her neck. Character B is nervously clinging to the stone fencing of the footpath.

Character A: It’s an adventure, let’s go. Stop whining.

Character B: Adventures give me anxiety. I’ll whine when I want to whine.

A: There’s so much beauty we haven’t seen yet! So much of it, open air, oceans, wind whipping–

B: Calm down freedom fighter. It’s a cliff.

A: Don’t be fresh. You’re such a pain in the ass. I’m going over the the edge.

B: And I’ll just stay comfortably over here on the footpath. Have fun!

A: Oh no you don’t. You can’t experience what it’s like to be here when you’re stuck on the grassy field. You need to come to the edge with me. Get your shoes dirty for once.

B: I hope your joking.

A: Come on. We’re miles away from home, practice your independence and forget about how your mom would be crying over how unsafe it is, and just do it. Let mother nature be your caretaker.

B: With my luck I pissed off mother nature and guarantee she’ll have the wind fling me right over the edge.

A: You can’t let nervousness run your life. Open up your mind, let loose.

B: I’m open to lots! Just not death. I think that’s reasonable.

A: Your pessimism is suffocating my optimism.

B: The visitor centre is sounding nicer and nicer by the minute.

A: Shh. Listen to the waves. Just stop talking. For once. Just let things happen to you instead of fighting.

B: Sometimes I wonder why we’re friends. You’re insane, you know?