Featuring my terrible photography skills.

During the last week of my classes, my mom came to visit me in London, and on one of the days of her visit, we went to see Stonehenge. I have expressed this feeling before in some of my blog posts, but again, I was struck by the history that England holds. People thousands and thousands of years before us walking on the same ground, leaving evidence of their existence. I wonder how they would feel being a tourist attraction today. I wonder why they really built this monument, and I wonder what they would say to its visitors today.

Stonehenge is a marking of the beginnings of men. It is a lasting marker of humanity’s tenacity. If people living in the neolithic period could leave evidence of their existence behind just with stones, who’s to say how people thousands of years from now will react to the kinds of marks we’re leaving right now? I suppose I just found it serendipitous to be at the beginning of humanity as a part of my study abroad journey is ending. But by no means is it ending.

I am looking forward to more time in London, and some time spent in other countries around Europe. I’m overwhelmed by how much I have seen in such a short time and I am even more overwhelmed by how much I have not seen and how much I might not ever see.

Being a writer, I am forced into seeing my life as a story. I cannot share it with anyone except for myself, but I can shared versions of it. And that’s what I intend to do. I try to take what I see and feel and taste and smell and hear and bring it to someone else. All while trying to make my mundane experiences seem engaging to someone else.

I saw Stonehenge as a story. It’s a story cavemen were leaving for us to see thousands of years later, whether they knew it or not. I can’t imagine just how proud they must be.